Wait, you started wearing hearing protections just a few months ago ? But did you wear them while you were a drummer ? I thought all the djs wore them.

When I played the drums it was way worse because there was no booth control. I used to DJ with very low booth (only as loud as really needed). But after fucking my hearing for a few weeks I decided never to play without earplugs again. Just had to get used to it, not it’s fine!

I'm having a party next weekend. Can you come DJ it?

yeah sure. my fee is currently around $7.90 per hour. So if I had to DJ like 4h it might end up being almost 40 bucks. Is that ok??

What's your favorite piano?

one that makes some sound

God damn Zedd. The amount of collisions. Great video man.

-> <-

what VSTs do you use? whats your favorite one??


are you going to come to Vancouver at some point in 2013? :)

for sure I am!

Sup Zedd. What do you think would be some good software to use if trying to do a hybrid of indie rock and electro house? You use Cubase a lot, right?

Software doesn’t matter. Every software sounds the exact same as far as I know so it’s just about what u prefer for yourself.

K two questions: 1: How tall are you, 2: are you in a relationship? lol

177cm, no