I feel like you're always performing/producing/always working! Do you ever have time to take a break and relax? P.S. I really admire you and your work! :)

I will in january! 3 weeks!!! :)

FINALLY saw you in Chicago last friday after complaining for months that your Chicago shows (besides lolla) have been 21+.... it was awesome and worth the wait!

awesome! glad to hear that!

Are there any aspects about your life that you miss from before you became a full-time music producer?

well, aside from the insane positive side effects I do miss my family and friends a lot as I’m only getting home very few days a year! Just hanging, being able to do whatever I want whenever I want… that’s kinda the only thing! But I’m not complaining! :)

Your show last wednesday with Tiesto here in Tucson was so intense, I just wanted to say your my fav producer and dj, and thank for what you do, your music is truly beautiful :)

woooohooooooo!!!!! thank you!!!

are u planning a tour in europe ? especially germany ?

yes I got plans!

do you release your albums in WAV?

i did yeah!

you seem to eat a lot of food. how are you not fat?

i’m lucky!

Where do you find your singers?

i keep my eyes open! always! i’m going for interesting, unique singers rather than “perfect pitch” personally.